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Travel Talk– Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Town

Holidays have constantly been all about checking out locations, consuming processed food during travel and lazing around in bed, at least to me. And in the end, when I am back I feel much more worn out and messed up. Searching for another break simply to relax, take a deep sleep, and essentially put me together for my grueling routine. However haven’t you dreamt of a Holiday aka Staycation where you can just relax and charge yourself. Well, my current Kairali Ayurvedic Recovery Town staycation was exactly the same.Traveling with Infant:

I haven’t been traveling since I had an infant and I guess if you are a mom too you will understand why. It’s too much of work and pain to take a trip with infants specifically their food which is quite tough to manage when you are hopping from one location to the other as well as you are uncertain where you will be having your meals, how will you do it for the baby. I had a choice to leave him at home and go alone however I just can’t think of doing that and was figured out that our first journey is going to be together only whenever it occurs. So, I was simply awaiting him to grow up a bit more before I take a break from my tedious regular and go on a holiday where even he can likewise enjoy and feel at ease.Then, I got

a chance to experience the 4 days 3-night remain at among the world’s very first Ayurvedic Health spa in Palakkad, Kerala. Yes, that’s The Kairali Ayurvedic Recovery Village and I saw that as the right chance to break out of your home with my little one.Little Bit about

Kairali Ayurvedic: Kairali Ayurvedic Groups were founded in1989 by Mr. K.V. Ramesh and Mrs. Gita Ramesh with a vision of providing the essence of real Ayurveda. Kairali has their own wellness centers, Ayurvedic college, natural skin care products, medications and much more.Kairali Healing Village is an Ayurvedic treatment center with the appearance and feel of a resort so the clients can feel at house and delight in the health vacation.Kairali just recently won the India’s Leading Medical spa Resort 2015 award.Few things you need to understand about Kairali Ayurvedic Health spa before we move further.Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village is as incredible as it sounds. And if you are a nature enthusiast and wants to reside in peace this

is the place for you. It can be called as an Ayurvedic Healthcare facility for all those who are trying to find an Ayurvedic service to their health problems like Weight loss, Migraine, Body aches etc. It has more to offer for the visitors like us who just want to spend some great time in the lap of nature.Vaastu Villas: No two Villas in Kairali are the very same. Each villa is created as per Vastu to enhance the positive vibes. A vacation home is designated as per the zodiac indication of the visitor so that he gets to experience inner peace.Ayurvedic Food: Kairali People will look after your health and will offer only fresh, non-refrigerated, natural and diet plan based Vegetarian Indian Food. It’s like a complete Detox for your mind and body Daily Yoga/ Meditation: It’s different to get up early on your holiday for Yoga however trust me it’s absolutely worth the effort and sacrifice.Limited Wifi: It’s difficult to livewithout the internet even for an hour or a minute.:P. I am addicted to that too but to let you delight in the real essence of Ayurveda. Kairali has Wifi Connection at the reception only.No Smoking/Drinking, even coffee: Cigarette smoking and drinking may not call an alarm however coffee will surely do for coffee addicts. Kairali is following Ayurvedic principles and the addictive things like drinking Alcohol and coffee is prohibited in thefacilities. However, one can enjoy the regular tea or green tea Kairali Resort– Residential or commercial property: The resort has close 32 vacation homes in addition to a pool, massage centers for the guests, organic garden where they grow the vegetables used in the Cooking area and a lot more. The Resort has lots of hair like you are questioning in a forest. , I like the fruit bearing trees like Jackfruit, Mango and much more around the rental properties to make the experience even better. The chirping of birds in the early morning and the fresh, fresh appearance of the trees is the finest thing to experience in the morning. Being so close to

nature is so invigorating The first thing that grabbed my attention is they have actually kept the space design to the minimum so you don’t feel messy. And the flooring is not of tiles or marbles but the locally discovered Red oxide which keeps it cool in scorching hot summer seasons. However, I wish they had actually made the room a bit more aerated and a choice for natural lighting too since it gets truly dark and gloomy towards the evening. I love the placement of items in tiny pickle jars. I do feel they can do a remodeling of their Villas interiors to make them more welcoming.Let’s start with the most important thing”Food”. Well, it might be an obstacle for those who like to have

very spicy and”masaaledaar”food( including me )as they serve Ayurvedic aka Sattvik food which implies no red chili and minimum spices. It took a little time to obtain accustomed to it but it was absolutely a good modification and an excellent way to completely detox the body. I liked that they cook entirely different food every time, so something new in each meal is rather daring too.A special thing was they serve Pink and Yellow colored hot water simply before meals which assist with detoxification and have several health advantages. The water exists in our Villas too in Thermos to drink it whenever

we would like. I can tell you that I got addicted to it. dream I could have it here too.! If you are there for treatment the diet plan will be kept track of by the Medical professionals and that indicates the quantity will be limited too. Seriously, that was the most interesting part of my whole journey, getting an authentic Day spa. I experience two do the most remarkable massages at Kairali.The first one was Abhyangam body massage, which is an Oil based massage. It will relax the muscles and relieves the Tension, anxiety, and tiredness which assists in better sleep and enhances concentration. I loved the experience of soaking myself in the oil then a Steam bath to let the oil sink into the skin.The 2nd one was Potli Massage which just fixed all my body parts. Treatment is done utilizing heated natural pouches aka potlis which revitalize, unwind, nourish and have a restorative result on the body. Followed by a Steam bath. I seemed like born-again- so relaxing and rejuvenating.Things to do when in Kairali: Try your luck with Lotteries: Lottery games are legal in Kerela and

I wager you would enjoy to try your luck to win something … something huge! Difficult luck for us however you never ever know.! Sightseeing: Palakkad is a small town and does not have any fancy

tourist spots but it has Malampuzha dam which is the biggest reservoir in Kerala. And the location around the damn is simply best to discover solace in nature. Likewise, there is a snake valley, a house of numerous varieties of snakes. I make certain you will enjoy their business Banana Chips: Speciality of Kerela I think. They do a range of chips like plain, spicy, sweet as well as the jaggery ones. If you like chips I am sure you can’t resist these banana chips. Get them from a regional who makes them My stay at Kairali: I was dead when I reached the resort after such a long taking a trip day however the warm, conventional welcome at

the reception made me forget my

  1. discomforts. They served fresh coconut water to us for a refreshing start to our stay.The morning yoga sessions and evening Meditations removed all the tension and filled me with positive energy and a calm and focused mind. And themassage treatments totally de-stressed me physically.We were briefed about the Kairali sharing the thoughts and idea behind Kailari, live cooking session demo by Chef, resort trip, and a short journey to the veggie garden to obtain to understand a bit more about Kairali. My favorite was the distinct cultural program presented by the local artists which are an age old
  2. custom to reveal”Ramlila “with puppet shadows. I need to tell you that the entire experience was exhilarating.It took me time to obtain used to the food however I began enjoying it quickly and now I undoubtedly miss those warm water and tasty, healthy food!Overall, it is a perfect weekend getaway to keep away from the hustle bustle of metros and get in touch with nature in peace. There are many trees around the resort that it appears like I am residing in a forest. There is greenery all over with definitely tidy and fresh air to take in. It is best for those who desire to leave from their stressful work life. That’s pretty much it for my stay. Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort has engraved so numerous memories in my head that I need to come back to this serene place and experience God’s own nation again.Have you ever been to an Ayurvedic

    Resort? How was your experience?Disclaimer– I was invited by Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad however my views are truthful and objective Travel Talk– Kairali Ayurvedic Recovery Town, Palakkad, Kerela poonam


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