These are Alia Bhatt’s preferred appeal ideas

< link rel = stylesheet type = text/css href="" > < link rel = stylesheet type = text/css href="" >< link rel = alternate type = application/rss + xml title="50 Many Recently Upgraded Pages" href = > Alia Bhatt may be one the most versatile stars in Bollywood’s younger crop, but when the cameras go off, she’s likewise just your average 24-year-old. Her cheat meals involve a warm, reassuring halwa and quality me-time methods reading a book (her current favourite is The Moron Brain by Dean Burnett). However when she’s shuffling between shoots and hitting the hip new dining establishments in Mumbai with her friends, how does she manage to look her finest? Ends up her the secret to her radiant skin is reasonably fuss-free. Our chat reveals Alia Bhatt’s preferred appeal ideas– from her favourite lip colour to the one thing you have to do to get her very brilliant under-eyes, that you can probably see from area …


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